My spoilee’s kit

I’m so excited about the kit for my spoilee, and now that she has it I can share my excitement with you!!!

Here’s pictures of the kit, with explanations above each:

I love this yarn, but I think I might love the stitch markers even more. I found malachite and used some awesome beads I found in the box my grandmother left my mother and I when she passed. The full story behind the beads is a long one, but I might post it someday. The rosewood needles? Yeah, they were hard to send – I fell in love with them at the store.

Yarn, stitch markers, and needles

The stitch markers again, a little closer up. Have I mentioned how much I love them? They were fun to make, too!

Better view of the stitch markers

That snake vibrates. You pull its tail and as it returns to the normal shape, it hisses and vibrates. I laughed so dang hard, I HAD to get him for Penelope. You can see the general innards in this picture, including the location of the secret wand pocket.

Bag innards

The amazing Slytherin Snake replacement for the filet crochet!

The Snake!!!

The whole kit before I added a Kettleburn’s Oasis Elixir label to the mint body butter. Besides the bag, of course. And you can’t see the winterGREEN mints or the GREEN tea bath set since they’re wrapped in silver paper. Teehee!

The whole kit sans bag

Here’s another shot of the wand in its special secret wand pocket.

The wand in its special pocket

And finally, the “failed filet” that was still pretty awesome. With her wand sitting on top.  The snake is crocheted with Wool-ease that I had left over from Malcolm’s scarf.

Filet crochet snake and wand

I hope you enjoyed exploring the kit I sent Penelope – and I hope she enjoys it as much as I did designing and building it!



  1. Selina Starflame said,

    Wow, your kit is fabulous! The secret wand pocket and wand worked out so well too! I knew it would. Great job, your pal is one lucky Slytherin! Don’t forget Quidditch tomorrow, well not it’s today because it’s 1:01 am PST 😉

  2. Penelope Pinkstone said,

    Very nice kit, C! Very lucky spoilee!

  3. The Chronicles of The Bag, part II « Cecilia’s Diary said,

    […] that was left was putting the kit together!  You can see finished kit pictures here.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I did.  I can’t wait for next term, […]

  4. Cassandra Puddlemere said,

    Fantastic package. THe snake is fantastic on the bag!

  5. Minerva Kwikspell said,

    Wow Cecilia! What a fantastic job you did. I just love the bag, and the wand is magnificent!! Excellent work. What a very lucky Slytherin spoilee indeed. 🙂

  6. Fleur said,

    You definitely showed your Ravenclaw wit and wisdom in that kit! Will you be my spoiler next term?

  7. Lavender Diggory said,

    AMAZING!!! You make me want to be a Slythern…. Maybee I will swap next time. Again, absolutely beautiful bag!

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