My package!

This is the absolutely crazy awesome package I just received from Violet le Veela! How cool is this?!?!?!?

I just know I’m going to have a blast with all of this; THANKS VIOLET!!!

Here’s what I saw when I opened the package:

My HSKS Package!

And here’s everything before unwrapping:

My HSKS Package!

Finally, here’s everything all unwrapped! It was hard to remember to take pictures, since I really wanted to start playing with it all! Homework calls, though, so I’d better hurry through it so I can PLAY WITH MY STUFF!!!

My HSKS Package!

Thanks again, Violet. Not only is this a ROCKIN’ package, but it couldn’t have come at a better time. I sure needed that pick-me-up!



  1. Emma Wigworthy said,

    I absolutely adore the bag! Wow!!!! Congratulations Cecilia, and well done Violet!

  2. Serafina said,

    The Teach-Yourself-Visually books are very good, I think. I have the Knitting Design one and I find it enormously useful.

    The bag is wonderful–I love the sparkles in the yarn!

  3. selana said,

    what a great package, the bag looks great and the sheep tape measure is too cute

  4. Cassandra Puddlemere said,

    What a great package. You’ll love the Yanr Harlots book. She is so frickin funny! Charmed Knits from Alison Hansel is a great book too! How pretty is the yarn you’re bag is made of? its so sparkly and perdy

  5. Cecilia said,

    The yarn my bag is made of is SO AWESOME!!! It truly is bronze, which is just perfect! It’s also soft, which isn’t something I’d expect out of a glittery/metallic yarn. Isn’t the sheep tape measure adorable? I LOVE them, but couldn’t justify getting myself one. Now I don’t have to! Yay! I’ve already used it a few times measuring stupid things like my textbook and my head. I have a big 22″ head.

    I’m so excited about all of it! I’ve finished one round of homework and still have more to do, but I’m getting closer to being able to play with my new stuff! WHEE!

  6. Emma Diggory said,

    Wow, great package. I am really happy to see how much love and thought went into all these great packages. The sparkle bag is definatley awsome!! Now that you know how big your head is, you can make a hat from the charmed knitted book! Emma

  7. Minee said,

    What a wonderful package Cecilia. That bag is great! And the books are super. I love Charmed Knits and the Visually books. They are so nice to have! ;0)

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