My HSKS5 Package!

Courtesy Narcissa Shrivelfigs, the most awesomest spoiler EVAR.

Imagine, sitting in your room, cranky and tired and just plain snippity on a Saturday… when in swoops an owl with a package. You open it… to see THIS:

I KNOW! I told you she’s awesome.

So I opened up the nice little letter that’s uncharacteristic of a Slytherin but I’m not going to tell you that. Instead of telling you how nice she is, I’m going to tell you about this awesome bag that Narcissa cast an engorgio spell on the inside of:

Almost every single wrapped parcel you see here? Fit into that bag. KRAZEE, I tell you! I had so much fun unwrapping the parcels, as I felt more and more special with each one! Wanna see what was in them? Of course you do!

Here, we have my swap package. Yarn that’s as soft as soft can be (it’s going to be difficult not to start these socks right away, as I still have my own bag and a scarf I need to finish very soon) in beautiful Ravenclaw book colors. A cute little frog to hold small knitting things. Point protectors and Needle holders that I can use on either my brand new Knit Picks #2 nickel circulars (hooray! Fixed! I have the wood interchangeable set but my lowest needle is a #4! And I can’t wait to try the nickel!) OR my brand new #2 DPNs, which I also did not have. WHEE! The frog can ALSO hold my spiffy little frog and flower stitch markers:

But WAIT, there’s MORE! Returning to the previous picture, you’ll also see some beautiful smelling Rosemary Mint glycerin and olive oil soap (okay, I don’t remember EVER saying how much I love Rosemary and Mint together, but in all honesty my favorite scents are those that smell like a combination of garden herbs, especially Rosemary with other things, or Black Currant Vanilla. YOU ROCK NARCISSA!). Then there’s the rockin’ stickers – frog ones AND monkey ones for my patronus!!! Such a smart Slytherin. There’s a little booklet on Magic Loop, a pretty little owl journal, an awesome looking sock pattern, some chocolate frogs (that I may end up having to share, but these chocolate frogs are way cooler than any I’ve ever seen!), some Kookaburra Woolwash (hooray! I’ve been wanting to try this but I keep forgetting to pick it up at the LYS) and – perhaps most importantly – a distinct and almost palpable aura of love and friendship.

Here’s the kit (at least most of it) put back into the amazing small-bag-that-fits-a-lotta-stuff that I think I’ll be using a LOT of.  So soft (chenille I think) and so pretty and SO ME.  I… um… think I used to have a favorite sweater that looked an awful lot like it, actually.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I have tears in my eyes now. Geez, Narcissa… you really must be a Slytherin because I bet you’re taking great delight in making me cry! 😉 Really, this is amazing and I feel so lucky to be your spoilee. Thank you.



  1. I got it! I got it! « Cecilia’s Diary said,

    […] HERE to see it!  It’s also on the right side under pages.  […]

  2. elvisneedsboats said,

    Wow! Nice kit! 🙂

    Hey, we’re a little spoiler circle–Narcissa is my spoilee! 😀

  3. Cassandra Grubbly-Plank said,

    Awesome kit!!! I love the bag! It looks soooo soft.

  4. Queen Frysia said,

    Love that bag! Wonderful kit!

  5. Cassandra Puddlemere said,

    What a fantastic kit! I am amazed that she fit everything in that bag! Now i know what she has been doing in her dorm room!!!

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